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DCDC Contract Options, Changes and Withdrawal Information

Contract Options and Changes

Attendance Options are available as listed on DCDC’s current Tuition Schedule.  If you need a copy, please see the receptionist.

DCDC requires part-time enrollees to choose the same days every week so that we may be able to best staff for the number of children, and therefore ensure program quality. (DCDC does not offer rotating schedules). Switching days is not allowed.  If a client needs care on a non-contracted day, care will be provided if space is available, and additional tuition may be charged.

If needed, a client may change their contract by contacting the Enrollment Director or Bloom Rd Site Supervisor only.  A contract may be reduced as long as it meets the minimum enrollment requirements.  Only one contract change is permitted in any 30-day calendar period.

Once a contract is reduced it is often difficult to return to a full time schedule.  We will work with families on returning to a full time schedule as space becomes available, but cannot guarantee availability.

Tuition contracts are to be completed and given to the Enrollment Director or Bloom Rd Site Supervisor at enrollment, whenever a parent/guardian changes their contract and bi-annually.

Age Policies

Any tuition changes that may occur due to your child’s age will occur on the first full week of the month following the child’s birthday.

It is the policy of Danville Child Development Center to make reasonable accommodations for inclusion of those children with special needs, ages six weeks through twelve years of age.  DCDC also reserves the right to end programming upon a child’s thirteenth birthday, regardless of their developmental age.

Withdrawal Policy

A two-week written notice is required to withdraw your child from the program.  The client is financially responsible for the weeks of programming from the time of your notice until the last week whether or not your child continues to attend the program during that period.

Clients terminating their contract with a 14-day advance notice will have their deposit credited toward the last week’s tuition.

If we do not receive a two-week written notice, the client is financially responsible for the week they withdraw, as well as any past due tuition due at the time of withdrawal. The client’s initial security deposit will be forfeited as well.

Temporary withdrawals are at the program’s discretion, are for no less than 4 weeks and no more than 12 weeks. Temporary withdrawals are not available at our Bloom Rd center. A discounted rate of 50% of tuition will be charged to keep your enrollment. Temporary withdrawals may only occur once in a twelve month period.  Written intent of a temporary withdrawal with specific dates of return must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the time of withdrawal.  If no dates are provided or known, then it will be regarded as a typical withdrawal from the program. The child will then have to be reenrolled into the program. If the child does not return as stated in the client’s written notice your security deposit may be forfeited.

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