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Donating to Danville Child Development Center

By donating to Danville Child Development Center, you’re ensuring present and future children in our programs continue to get the best start possible. As a private, not-for-profit corporation, DCDC has been designated a 501(c) 3 charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. Your tax-deductible gift to DCDC will continue our mission of providing our community’s children with fantastic early learning opportunities.

Please Consider Donating to One of the Following Funds:
Capital Campaign Fund: "Building Our Future"

Danville Child Development Center looks to our friends and families to assist us in our continued growth. With your help, DCDC can offer area children extensive learning opportunities and give their parents peace of mind. We employ only experienced staff with a passion for helping youth learn and discover their surroundings. Your donations enable us to provide more opportunities and offer parenting workshops, on top of the numerous educational benefits.

The “Scholarship Fund” campaign began as a way to build our second location. With the opening of this facility on Bloom Road in Danville, we are able to provide our services and programs to more children in our community. This wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal donors who helped us achieve this goal. We thank you and hope you will still continue to donate to our Capital Campaign Fund, and allow us to continue building our future!

Capital Campaign Fund: "Scholarship Fund"

Danville Child Development Center’s Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity to assist families in affording high-quality child care and early learning experiences for their young children while they are working or in training for employment. These funds are used only for children whose families are not eligible for any other funding subsidy, or on a waiting list for government subsidy, yet are clearly unable to pay private child care tuition rates. The goals of the scholarship program are to ensure:

  • That families who otherwise could not afford it will have access to high-quality child care.
  • Parents are able to remain working/training because of availability of care.
  • Children are safe, well cared for, and are participating in age-appropriate learning activities.
  • Children who may have special needs can spend time with peers in a group setting and receive individual attention to help them to thrive.
Operating Fund

The Operating Fund supports general operations of DCDC’s child care program and makes it possible to provide high-quality early learning experiences for the children we serve. About one-third of our children come from low-income working families who receive state subsidies for child care costs. Other families pay full tuition privately. Sadly, neither state subsidies nor private tuition fees cover the increasing cost of providing high-quality early learning opportunities. Teachers in the field of early learning are grossly underpaid for their qualifications, yet parents are unable to absorb the full cost of providing high-quality early learning experiences.

Direct child care expenses that account for 70% of our annual budget compel us to seek outside financial resources in the form of grants and donations to ensure that high-quality early learning is available, especially to children and families in financial need.

Endowing Learning: DCDC Endowment Fund

Of course, providing high-quality education in a nurturing environment requires a continuous replenishment of resources – certainly a challenge for a non-profit organization. That is why we are proactively focusing on the future of DCDC and the young minds we touch, and taking steps to ensure our continued ability to provide high-quality care and education. At DCDC, we’re proud of our past, but we continue to look to the future. Our focus continues to be high-quality early childhood education. This is a commitment we make daily to the children in our care, their parents, and our community. We will continue to improve our programs, our facilities, and our own education.

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we began a campaign to create an endowment fund for our continuous improvements. The theme was “30 for 30” and our original goal was $30,000 and to grow the endowment principal through annual gifts and reinvestment of interest. The “30 for 30” Endowment Fund had been started by the Board of Directors to support program development, capital expenditures, and facilities enhancements.

In November 2006, Danville Child Development Center formed a new community partnership by placing its Endowment Fund with the Danville Area Community Foundation. An affiliate of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation, the foundation gives DCDC the benefit of its investment management expertise and community outreach to help build the fund over time. The endowment principal will be restricted; only the interest from the fund will be used to support the improvements to the Center.

To successfully run this fund, we need help from our community leaders, local businesses, parents, neighbors, and friends of DCDC. Please consider a donation to the DCDC Endowment fund. We also have opportunities to recognize donors through our newsletter, annual report, wall plaques, and Center naming opportunities.

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