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DCDC offers two licensed Preschool Programs with both full-day and part-day options to meet families’ needs.

Preschoolers possess a curiosity and willingness to learn that makes planning engaging, thought provoking, and enjoyable lessons a delight for our preschool teachers. Teachers who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education and their Nursery School Teaching Certificates lead all our preschool classrooms. These teachers believe that children learn the most when involved in hands-on, meaningful activities. In preschool, the children have the occasion to refine the self-help skills they learned as toddlers and further develop other school readiness skills that will help them throughout their school years. Our teachers offer the chance to develop skills across all of the learning areas, including arts and science, math, language, and literacy, through participation in learning stations based on the children’s interests.

Additionally, DCDC utilizes the PATHS curriculum in each of its Preschool Classrooms. The PATHS® curriculum is a comprehensive program for promoting emotional and social competencies and reducing aggression and behavior problems in preschool children.

Health & Safety

● Spacious classrooms with defined areas for quiet alone time and active social play
● Regular sanitization of toys and other classroom materials
● Regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces
● 1:10 teacher-to-child ratio for individualized care
● CPR and First Aid certified staff
● Dedicated Preschool Play Area
● Professional cleaning daily after business hours

Our Preschoolers’ Day

● Engaging arrival/transition activities
● Circle Time (songs, stories, movement)
● Thematic learning center activities
● Outdoor play (morning and afternoon)
● Family style breakfast, lunch, and snack
● Nap/quiet time
● Healthy afternoon snack
● Self-selected activities
● Field trips

Partnering with Families

It is important to us that parents feel as welcome and comfortable in our program as their children do!

In addition to sharing information at pick-up and drop-off times, DCDC teachers
communicate with families through Brightwheel, a digital communication app. iPads in
each classroom allow preschool teachers to send daily reports on:

● Classroom activities (photos and videos)
● Special projects
● Meals
● Potty use (if requested)
● Nap times
● Special events & guest speakers

Families can also use Brightwheel to update teachers on any special considerations for
the day.

We also welcome all our families to become involved in our community through classroom visits, volunteering, and special family events.

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